Ontrack365 is our Mini ERP software that provide an end-to-end management solution system with a robust modular based structure that enable you to automate most of your back office and front office operations.


Designed and developed in conjunction with partners in the Railway training and Labour supply industries.

OnTrack365 ERP is our award winning solution is offered to you as a service, fully accessible from anywhere using any devise at anytime independent of Geo location or time constrains.

Bespoke portal, fully customised and simplified with the aim to connect seamlessly with your existing setup to provide a professionally looking reservation system

- For training providers : Ontrack365 automate all processes in delivering the training or assessment events in simple mouse clicks with easy to follow visual flow built around an interactive Calendar.

- For Labour suppliers : Ontrack365 generate Resource Requests forms, allocate resources and issue Resource sheet to clients, follow and automate business process all the way to issue of Invoice.

- For Medical Screening : Ontrack365 tracks all tests offered, generate and process all forms, Barcodes, Boo,king forms, Results certificates and more.

With Ontrack365 you can do it all from the one place, you don't need to use a 3rd party app to generate an email, Booking form, Quotation, reminder or even an SMS text message, you do it ALL from your very own secured portal.

With Ontrack365 you no need no expensive Software or Hardware to run the solution, you can run it fully and easily from any PC, Mobile, Tablet or Smart phone.

We are proud to have a friendly UK based support team available 24x7 everyday.


"Analysts estimate that 50% of business applications will be accessed via mobile devices over the next couple of years." IFS North America

We are proud and happy to enable our clients the ability to offer their own Ontrack365 mobile application solution running on both Apple and Android platforms, We believe that People who lose their relevance get stuck in the past because they’re no longer in the present moment.

Our expert team will help you define your goals, sketch out your mobile app, create a wireframe and storyboard for your mobile app, integrate your Ontrack365 backend of your mobile app, test your mobile app prototype, design the app “skins”, test, revise and refine

Ontrack365 Mobile app is fully and secularly integrated to the backend with minimal data kept on the mobile device and mobile access is controlled in a cloud intermediary.

The Mobile solution migrate the entire user interface to a mobile-friendly design fully support for touch screens.


Modular based solution, easily adapt around any business process interconnecting seamlessly without affecting overall operational functions

Candidates / Labour

Record Management of Candidates / Labour resources in details including Competencies, PTS records, Medical Information and much more.

Events & Programs

Create and Administer Events and Programs to deliver in house or online, record Competency Award and attach relevant material all in one section.

Schedule & Calendar

Easily schedule training events and assessments in a monthly Calendar with clear visual trainer / assessor assignment and ability to send event reminders.

Booking Forms

Generate & process Booking forms in one place and auto-mail to Sponsors for confirmations and attending Candidates all at a simple click in a secured platform.

Document Manager

Store and update Management records and documents as Joining Instructions, Operational Procedures, Policy statements, working instructions, Audits and forms

Invoices & Reports

Generate and post Invoices on the fly and run the Reporting tools to Generate Performance and/or Management Reports and use the wizard to record macros.

Competency matrix

Manage and Update recorded Candidate Competencies and use the module to run reports on award validity, send renewal reminders and generate events promptly

integrated service

We have proudly developed Mobile service to integrate as well as a fully customized web portal interface to integrate seamlessly with existing web site with live reservations


We are proud to have customised and deployed our solution for a number of SME's;

railway training

SME & MME Providers of training and assessment services to the Rail Industry.

labour supply

Management of labour provision for civil, safety, managerial and engineering staff.

Medical screening

Drug, Alcohol and Medical Screening testing for Railway & other industries.

book keeping

Generate instant Quotes and invoicing, send via email and SMS text message.

Affordable Services Package

Our price structure include all future updates and upgrades, the price you see is the price you pay.

    • Standard

      £ Call mo
      • Industry Specific
      • Mobile Application
      • Multi User Access
      • Backup & Archive
    • Custom

      £ Call mo
      • Multi Industry
      • Mobile Application
      • Multi User Access
      • Multi Office Access